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New Year Holidays in Altai Mountains New Year Holidays in Altai Mountains
  • New Year Holidays in Altai Mountains, in the hotel "Salute"

    Have you already decided where to spend these New Year's holidays? Think it over right now!

    To feel the genuine scent of New Year and Christmas holidays you should go to Altai Mountains and spend your time there in a comfortable hotel "Salute" situated in the pine forest on the Katun river bank. This hotel is the only tourist establishment in Altai territory awarded with the gold and silver medals for good quality by American-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

    New Year tour includes entertaining programs, fireworks, festive meals, wine, tequila and whisky tasting, Air Rifle Competition, and hotel championship for football game.

    Chemalskiy region
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    Altai CampsAltai Camps
  • Hotel "Salute" - is the perfect place for Russian Travel to Siberia
    Set in a charming position with pinetrees, sandy beaches, mountains and magnificent sight of the Katun river, hotel "Salute" is in 325 km drive from Barnaul (Capital of Altai Region in West Siberia) in Chemal Region. The air is remarkable for its curative quality. People with breaking problems feel perfect here. Hotel "Salute" is the place you dream to be bash. Wanna taste Russian Travel "Salute" is the perfect place.
    Chemalskiy region
  • Lagoon
    The hotel is located on the north bank of Teletskoe Lake. All the rooms have en-suite facilities, TV, fridge, modern furniture. A sauna and a small cafe are on the ground floor. You can order a dinner especially cooked for you from local fish delicacies.
  • Mary?s Island
    The tour complex is located in a picturesque place right on a bank of a small river not far from the Chemal village. Unusual climate and salubrious air have miraculous influence at your health. Accommodation is offered in en-suite facilities rooms. Well-styled sauna with a swimming pool, satellite TV and a lot of other things are offered. You can have different excursions here.
  • Hotel complex Areda
    The complex Areda is located on a bank of the small but very attractive Kuba River, in a place that have amazing energy and even a magic power, as legends say. Here you can find the most comfortable accommodation of the whole Altai Republic. Sauna with swimming pool, Russian banja, restaurant, summer cafe above the river and bar, disco, billiard, playground for children, cosy halls with fireplaces, satellite TV and so on are there. You can have different excursions here including short trekking, rafting, horse riding and so on.
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    Altai adventure tours Altai adventure tours
  • Beluha mountain climbing (Mountaineering tour)
    Beluha mountain is the highest peak of Siberia. An experienced mountaineer can find this ascent quite easy. Anyway, tour guides will teach the participants the basic rules of alpine mountain climbing if it is necessary.
    climbing | The date of start: any time | Cost: 99.99 EURO | Duration: 16 days

  • Chuya - Katun
    Rafting the two most popular and yet so unlike rivers of the Altai - the Chuya and the Katun - is an opportunity to try ones strength. The Chuya is a winding mountain stream with rapids named Storm petrel, Hippopotamus, turbine, Horizon, which are hard to go through in terms of technique and which are of the degrees of difficulty 4 and 5. The Chuya is a site of regular Russian Cup aquatic all-round competitions. The Katun - the prime waterway of the mountainous Altai - will get you dumbfounded with its magnificence and power of rapids of difficulty classes 3 and 4.
    Rafting | The date of start: any time | Cost: 99.99 USD | Duration: 11 days

  • Maashey and Shevlinsky lakes
    Maashey and Shevlinsky lakes
    Trekking | The date of start: any time | Cost: 99.99 EURO | Duration: 15 days

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